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The Agave Files: Episode Six, How to drink your Tequila

By Chris Simmons People often ask, what is the correct way to drink Tequila? As a shot? On the rocks? Straight up? The answer as you might imagine, has more to do with personal preference rather than right or wrong. While the national trend for decades has been to throw a shot back preceded with [...]

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The Agave Files: Episode Five, Terroir

By Chris Simmons Dirt. Sunshine. Rainfall. Fog and wind. Although these words conjure images of the beginning of MacBeth, they’re actually all players in what is known as “terroir”. A French word, terroir is defined in the Merriam-Webster dictionary as, “the combination of factors including soil, climate, and sunlight that gives wine grapes their distinctive [...]

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The Agave Files: Episode Four, Brand Spotlight

By Chris Simmons For many Tequila producers, separating yourself from the pack can be a challenge in a crowded market. The owners of Tequila Ocho have managed to not only create a unique brand, they’ve set a precedence others are starting to follow. First launched about eight years ago, Tequila Ocho is considered a “Single [...]

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