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The Agave Files: Episode Four, Brand Spotlight

By Chris Simmons For many Tequila producers, separating yourself from the pack can be a challenge in a crowded market. The owners of Tequila Ocho have managed to not only create a unique brand, they’ve set a precedence others are starting to follow. First launched about eight years ago, Tequila Ocho is considered a “Single [...]

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The Agave Files: Episode Three, Tequila from Start to Finish

By Chris Simmons Agave’s journey from the field to your glass is one of time, dedication and craft. From the moment it sees its first ray of sun, it will endure a near decade-long journey in order to be turned into Mexico’s most beloved spirit. From the beginning, a Blue Weber agave’s life is carefully [...]

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The Agave Files: Episode Two, Tequila vs. Mezcal

By Chris Simmons Have you ever wondered about the differences between Tequila and mezcal? You wouldn’t be the first to question if they’re the same thing or if mezcal is just a cheaper version of Tequila. In fact until a recent wave of popularity, mezcal carried quite the unsavory reputation as the bottle with a [...]

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The Agave Files: Episode One, The 411 on Agave 101

By Chris Simmons Remember the old saying, “One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila, floor!”? Or the balance it took to pour salt on one hand while holding a lime in the other and slamming back a gnarly tasting shot? Well safe to say, those memories are part of the American lexicon of Tequila drinking stretching [...]

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