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I captured this photo several years ago while wandering around one of the fields at La Alteña. I oft revisit the image and ponder the presence of the sombrero on the agave plant. Who was its owner? Did he leave it there on purpose to retrieve at a later time, or did he abandon it? Jimadors may be the hardest working men I’ve ever seen. I imagine the long days and the scorching sun from which this hat protected its owner. Imagine the tales it could tell…

I grew up in the Midwest and was just a generation removed from a family of farmers, but with extended family still in the business, my summers were often spent on the farm. Running and playing tag through 6-foot-tall corn fields, picking rock, spraying beans and baling hay, I had an adventurous childhood spent with my hands in the earth and my nose to the air breathing in life. In this way, I’ve always had a connection to the earth, intently interested in its bountiful harvests. My journeys to Jalisco and Oaxaca remind me greatly of these early years. The complete and utter dependence a people place on the earth, the rain and the sun-all elements of life in so many ways. The people, although separated by language and distance, have similarities too: hard working, salt-of-the-earth. I’ve even been drawn to the similarities of language within the old dialects of the Zapotecs in southern Mexico and it’s sing-song similarities to the Lakota spoken by natives in South Dakota. It seems the farther my travels take me, the more dirt paths I traverse and the many different shades of people I greet, the more interconnected I find us all to be. I hope this blog will help you learn a thing or three about agave and the culture around it that I’ve grown so fond of. And if possible, perhaps it will offer a glimpse of time and place that you find intriguing, one story at a time.

¡Gracias y Salud!

Chris Simmons

208, 2017

The Agave Files: Episode Four, Brand Spotlight

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By Chris Simmons For many Tequila producers, separating yourself from the pack can be a challenge in a crowded market. The owners of Tequila Ocho have managed to not only create a unique brand, they’ve set a precedence others are starting to follow. First launched about eight years ago, Tequila Ocho is considered a “Single Estate” Tequila. It’s owners, the venerable Carlos Camarena and Tomas [...]

2607, 2017

The Agave Files: Episode Three, Tequila from Start to Finish

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By Chris Simmons Agave’s journey from the field to your glass is one of time, dedication and craft. From the moment it sees its first ray of sun, it will endure a near decade-long journey in order to be turned into Mexico’s most beloved spirit. From the beginning, a Blue Weber agave’s life is carefully charted. Baby plants, or hijuelos as they’re called in Spanish, [...]

107, 2017

The Agave Files: Episode Two, Tequila vs. Mezcal

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By Chris Simmons Have you ever wondered about the differences between Tequila and mezcal? You wouldn’t be the first to question if they’re the same thing or if mezcal is just a cheaper version of Tequila. In fact until a recent wave of popularity, mezcal carried quite the unsavory reputation as the bottle with a worm in it that will make you hallucinate. Well, it’s [...]

1406, 2017

The Agave Files: Episode One, The 411 on Agave 101

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By Chris Simmons Remember the old saying, “One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila, floor!”? Or the balance it took to pour salt on one hand while holding a lime in the other and slamming back a gnarly tasting shot? Well safe to say, those memories are part of the American lexicon of Tequila drinking stretching back at least the past few decades, and either you [...]

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