Whether a newbie to the world of agave spirits or a leathery chap of bartender lore, Sipping Life offers immersive tastings to suit your interests.

Imagine hosting a dinner party where your guests will taste a collection of delicious Tequilas while a Catador guides their experience and explains the inner workings of tasting like a pro.

Are you tired of the same old Fantasy Football draft party? Impress your league by starting with a mezcal tasting.

Looking to get your restaurant staff up to speed with their agave knowledge? Our experts are here to help your staff raise the bar.

Tastings can range in size and scope from one person to a hundred, with one to eight (or more!) agave spirits. Contact us today to discuss ideas of how to structure your unique and exciting event.

Time to Experience


Sipping Life closes the gap between dreams and reality, helping you experience life to the fullest. Do you seek the best in life? Are you happiest when your cup runeth over?

Imagine a guided tour through the picturesque landscape of Jalisco, Mexico, as you discover Tequila country. Our fully inclusive trips guided by experts with personal connections to many of the top Tequila producers in the country, offer you intimate connections with the culture, people, cuisine and agave. It all begins with Sipping Life.

Time to Experience