By Chris Simmons

People often ask, what is the correct way to drink Tequila? As a shot? On the rocks? Straight up? The answer as you might imagine, has more to do with personal preference rather than right or wrong. While the national trend for decades has been to throw a shot back preceded with a lick of salt and quickly followed with a bite of lime, those days are quickly fading into painful memories. With the advent of higher quality Tequilas, the Mexican spirit now commands a more noble delivery. Special Riedel glasses, like miniature versions of a champagne flute, have been specifically designed to help consumers appreciate the subtle nuances of Tequila. It helps that bars across the country are taking notice. In addition to Riedel, Glencairn glasses which were originally used for Scotch but are now doubling for agave spirits, have taken space right alongside the snifter as a specialty glassware necessity.


But back to the original question; how best to enjoy a quaff of Tequila? Well for the purist, only neat (served in a glass at room temperature) will do. In this manner, the aromas, viscosity and flavor are all solidly left intact. A Catador (think Sommelier but for Tequila) will help guide consumers through the full range of experience, from initial sight and smell all the way through tasting and discussing profile. Much in the same manner a wine tasting would happen. But you say, what about chilled? Or over rocks? The quick answer here is that if you’re drinking Tequila you’ve already made a great choice. So enjoy it as you will! Over ice or from the freezer are popular choices as they tend to blunt the strong alcohol taste some consumers aren’t used to when drinking without a mixer. Melting ice dilutes the spirit, further softening it along the way. And of course placed in a cocktail, Tequila finds an easy way to be enjoyed by all.


In conclusion, enjoy a glass or two in any way you like! We’re pleased as punch just to know you’re drinking an agave spirit. But if you want to drink like the pros, pour it neat and say ¡Salud!